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Soul Ages


Infant Souls

An appropriate motto for the Infant soul is, "Let's not do it". They do not know how to confront the world effectively.

Child (Baby) Souls

The Baby soul Age is like the typical teenage know-it-all stage. An appropriate motto for the Baby soul is, “Do it right or not at all"

Young Souls

Having mastered the Infant and Baby Soul issues of survival, discipline and order, the Soul is now looking to see how powerful it can become in the world. The motto here is "Do it my way!"

Mature Souls

By the end of the Young Soul phase, uneasiness arises that something is amiss. All the wealth, power and acclaim aren't quite enough; profits and winning no longer have any real value. Thus begins the search of the Mature Soul period. The questions "Who am I? Why am I here?" are asked with frequency in these lives.

Old Souls

On deep inner levels, Old Souls perceive the interrelatedness existing among all people. Intuitively they sense they are part of an integral whole.


Each soul age has seven distinct stages and in this video each is explained as well as look at how many of each Soul Age is on earth right now.